How to Order

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The price of Life and Times Around Bellaire, Texas is
$45 per copy. Sorry, but I am not capable of accepting electronic payments (Credit Cards or PayPal). I am severely dyslexic and cannot keep up with the transactions. Just making out the shipping label is difficult for me. (See Michael's Story)

City of Bellaire
If you live in Bellaire, give me a call at 713-667-7025 and leave a message with your name and telephone number. Please say your phone number slowly so I can write it down correctly. I'll call you back and we can arrange delivery of the book. There is no charge for delivery in Bellaire.

Greater Houston   
If you live in the Greater Houston, Texas area, send a check to the address listed below. Add $3 for postage (Total $48). I will mail your book the day I get the check.

Continental USA
For locations outside of Greater Houston, add $5 for Priority Mail shipping (Total $50) and send a check to the address listed below. I mail books the day I get your check.

Michael McCorkle
PO Box 1418
Bellaire, Texas 77402